Association joins Partnership for America’s Health Care

Oct 30, 2019
Written by wpengine

Washington Retail has joined with the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future (PAHCF) to help strengthen what’s working in our nation’s health care system today while continuing to improve what isn’t.

PAHCF is fighting for a better health care future for all Americans by lowering costs, expanding patient choice, improving access, enhancing quality and fostering innovation across our health care system. With a renewed focus on health care, PAHCF believes it is critical to prevent a government takeover of our health care system through efforts to transition to Medicare for All, a public option, or single-payer.

All Americans deserve access to affordable health coverage and high-quality, comprehensive care. Private and employer-sponsored plans are critical components of our health care system that help us realize these goals. According to a new study by KNG Health Consulting, a Medicare for All-style approach could cause one in three workers to lose their employer-sponsored coverage by 2032. WR believes such an outcome would be unacceptable.

WR and PAHCF will work to help build the health care future every American deserves by defending and strengthening private and employer-provided health coverage and preserving Medicare, Medicaid, and other proven solutions upon which hundreds of millions of American workers and their families rely.

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