Another pandemic effect shows up on your bathroom scale

Jan 14, 2021
Written by wpengine

More than half of consumers who answered a recent Pitney Bowes poll saw their weight change noticeably during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thirty-eight percent who spent more time on the couch said they gained weight while 25% who found time to sweat on long runs with kettlebells in tow said they’ve lost weight. Another 25%, weight-change deniers, said they were holding out from buying new clothes because they don’t want to accept that their weight had changed.

Those fluctuations in pounds also have influenced shopping habits.

Other findings:

  • 32% are splurging on a healthier diet (nutritional supplements, food subscriptions, etc.)
  • 27% are buying more cooking supplies (utensils, cookware, etc.) to justify cooking food at home.
  • 21% are spending more on fitness supplies (activewear; athletic footwear, exercise/sports supplies/equipment, etc.)

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