Amazon expands Bellevue presence with Tower 555: Adding space for 3,000 employees

Apr 18, 2024
Written by WR Communications

Amazon is enhancing its presence in Bellevue with the completion of Tower 555, adding space for 3,000 more employees. The announcement, made by Pearl Leung at a real estate symposium, reflects Amazon’s commitment to the region’s growth.

With 500,000 square feet of additional space, Tower 555 expands the company’s footprint in the 42-story building. Bellevue Chamber President Joe Fain praised Amazon’s investment, highlighting its positive impact on the city.

Amazon’s expansion aligns with its goal of creating 25,000 jobs in the area. Additionally, the company is investing $670 million in affordable housing across the Puget Sound, benefiting Bellevue and neighboring areas.

This move underscores Bellevue’s appeal as a business-friendly community with ample amenities and a talented workforce. As the city thrives despite post-pandemic challenges, Amazon’s continued investment reflects confidence in Bellevue’s potential for growth and prosperity.


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