AG ORC Task Force convenes 4th meeting

Aug 24, 2023
Written by WR Communications


Washington Retail is a member of the AG’s Organized Retail Crime (ORC) Task Force and took part in the August 15 meeting, along with a large number of WR members and, several of their asset protection team members, and state, local, and federal law enforcement agency representatives.

Tienny Milnor, the new lead for ORC in the AG’s internal ORC unit, gave an overview of the team she is building, and thanked everyone for their efforts in securing funding for the ORC team in the 2023 legislative session. The ORC Task Force now has 300 members and is averaging over 100 attending each meeting.

Two online retail platforms, eBay and Mercari gave detailed presentations on their efforts to identify stolen goods and shut down the sellers. Both companies use algorithms to find potentially stolen goods.

Milnor announced that some future meetings of the ORC Task Force will be open only to members of law enforcement (including asset protection teams from retailers) as they take deeper dives into how they can work more effectively together to fight organized retail crime across the state.


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