AG Ferguson announces members of newly formed AI Task Force  

Jun 27, 2024
Written by WR Communications

Attorney General Bob Ferguson has announced the formation of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Task Force in the Attorney General’s Office, with notable appointees including WR’s State & Local Government Affairs Manager, Crystal Leatherman. The task force, formed in collaboration with Sen. Joe Nguyen and Rep. Travis Couture, will gather experts from diverse sectors such as technology, civil liberties, and labor organizations to address the rapid development of AI technologies and their implications. 

Ferguson emphasized the significance of AI’s impact on the economy and daily life, stating, “Washington will lead on innovative and ethical AI.” The task force, with bipartisan support, aims to establish guiding principles and policy recommendations by 2026.  

Crystal Leatherman’s inclusion highlights the retail sector’s critical role in the AI dialogue, ensuring that the retail industry’s interests and challenges are represented. Other members include technology policy directors, privacy officers, and representatives from various governmental and non-governmental organizations. 

The task force will meet multiple times a year, focusing on education, public safety, healthcare, labor, cybersecurity, consumer protection, and innovation. Subcommittees will delve into specific issues, and advisory groups will provide updates on AI’s impact on businesses and tribal communities. The task force’s work will culminate in a comprehensive report due by July 1, 2026, positioning Washington as a leader in ethical AI development and application.  

Attorney General’s Press Release 


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