Adjustable worktable or mechanical aids are great ergo tools

Sep 13, 2023
Written by WR Communications

Heavy lifting, lower awkward positions and static postures are all risk factors for workplace injuries. Over exertion injuries due to repetitive motion are the most frequent and costly injuries, and there are low-cost mechanical aids to prevent them!

Bringing the work to the ‘power zone’, between your knees and shoulders, is always best. For older workers that zone is a bit tighter, more at waist height because of losing muscle mass and strength. Working higher and closer to waist level can improve productivity and reduce fatigue. Consider these helpful tools:

  • Pallet jacks that have the ability to lift.
  • Adjustable work benches to fit employee’s natural working level.
  • Table with Lazy Susan allows workers to rotate with less potential for overreaching.
  • Any other mechanical assists to help with lifting, pulling, gripping and opening, will be a great benefit to worker productivity.

These mechanical aids are helpful to workers of all ages. They reduce time spent on material handling and the potential for overexertion injuries.

For deskwork employees, the solution is an adjustable workstation as well as adjusting their work posture throughout the day. Every change is an opportunity to get out of that ‘static posture’ and give your body a break.

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