A story on near misses and “luck”

Feb 29, 2024
Written by WR Communications

Jim hurried to retrieve a box from a shelf in the stockroom to assist a customer. Despite facing a challenge with the ladder due to a pallet blocking its ideal position, Jim opted to ascend anyway. As he descended with the box cradled in one arm, he sensed the ladder shifting. With quick reflexes, he balanced himself, averting further movement and ensuring a safe descent.

Commonly termed a “close call” or a “near miss,” such incidents can manifest in various workplace scenarios, serving as indicators of overall safety performance. Addressing “near misses” proactively is essential to prevent recurrence. Safety protocols exist to safeguard employees, ensuring they return home unscathed, thereby circumventing hospital visits or lifelong impairments.

Employees may have reservations about reporting near-miss occurrences, fearing ridicule, embarrassment, or reluctance to acknowledge errors. To counteract this, it’s crucial to foster a culture of encouragement and recognition for reporting, thereby mitigating such concerns.

Maintaining a log of near misses and mandating safety leads to regularly review them is pivotal in nurturing a resilient safety culture. Consistent scrutiny of these records should encompass assessment and adjustment of safety plans accordingly. Consistency will serve to prevent these close calls from escalating into actual accidents.

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