A proactive safety approach eliminates the “after trap”

Feb 2, 2023
Written by WR Communications

Unfortunately, news headlines of worker fatalities often include the news that the employer made changes after it was too late, such as, “Safety made top priority after worker death.” The unfortunate part of the story is that it took an accident to make the workplace safe—sometimes referred to as the “after trap.”

Management often tends to focus on the basics of operating the business and sets safety issues aside as something to be addressed at a later date. It is usually after a bad accident, a terrifying near-miss, or a fatality that safety finally becomes a priority—when it is too late.

Safety must be a core value embedded into the operating principles and strategies of all businesses. Proactive approaches to safety can lower operational costs and tragic outcomes simultaneously.

However, some businesses fall into the “after trap” and only begin to focus on safety after tragedy has struck – resulting in higher workers’ compensation costs—and most importantly—human costs.

Making a proactive effort to maintain a safe workplace and building a strong safety system are core foundational principles for companies to protect workers and the bottom line. Our Safety Ambassador Program can help members cultivate a workplace where safety becomes instinctive. Additionally, the RS Safety Library has a wealth of resources to help our members avoid falling into the “after trap.”

Our safety team is available to help members with safety plans and topics for safety meetings. Contact us 360-943-9198 x122, or [email protected]


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