Global supply chain squeeze won’t stop Walmart and Target from keeping shelves stocked

Oct 13, 2021
Written by wpengine

In the past week, both Target and Walmart have reassured their customers that supply chain issues won’t keep them from being stocked for the holiday shopping season. Overcoming logistical challenges has been the core strategy for both companies.

In a press release this week, Target let their customers know they were focused on “going the extra mile” and how their teams were keeping their supply chain moving efficiently. They explain they’ve made big investments in their supply chain operations and continue to do so. At the core of their efficiency is the work they have put into their logistics. Target has added two new distribution centers and four new sortation centers in 2021 and plans to “hire more than 30,000 year-round supply chain team members.”

Walmart boasts of 50 years of experience in providing holiday products to their shelves when customers need them. In a statement last week, Walmart explained they’ve “worked with suppliers to source holiday merchandise earlier than usual,” in addition to finding ways to move products as fast as possible.

Target has been working 24/7 to pick up shipping containers from ports in less than 24 hours. At the nation’s largest ports, and currently moving about 50% of those containers at night.

To deliver merchandise to their stores as quickly as possible, Walmart has gone so far as to charter ships and deliver to ports experiencing less congestion. With plans to hire another 20,000 permanent supply chain positions, they are working to keep merchandise coming for the holidays and into the future.