2024 set for significant turnover in Olympia

May 16, 2024
Written by WR Communications

2024 promises a political shake-up in Olympia, with key figures departing for new roles. Governor Jay Inslee, Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler, and Attorney General Bob Ferguson are among those stepping down, sparking a frenzy of candidate filings.

Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig and others from both parties bid farewell, leaving nine Senate seats vacant. Additionally, 16 House members exit, with some eyeing Senate seats.

Notably, the departure of Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz fuels further changes, as she seeks a congressional position. Meanwhile, Senator Karen Keiser’s retirement prompts a mid-term seat appointment. Democratic and Republican senators alike pivot to new aspirations, including bids for attorney general and insurance commissioner roles, while others compete for congressional seats.

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