2024 legislative session top issues

Dec 21, 2023
Written by WR Communications


WR is preparing for the 2024 Legislative Session, which will commence on January 8, 2024, and is scheduled to last 60 days.

Several important issues are likely to be debated by the legislature.  Of interest to WR include:

  • Packaging and post-consumer recycled content – extended producer responsibility.
  • Artificial intelligence – uses and development.
  • Worker and customer safety.
  • Retail theft and organized retail crime – small business theft prevention grants.
  • Allowing injured workers to return to light-duty jobs at non-profits.
  • Composting of organic materials – food waste.
  • Petition and signature gatherers guidelines and property owner rights.
  • Gift card regulations and refunds.
  • Unemployment insurance for striking workers.
  • Promoting retail workforce development.
  • Gender pricing differences.
  • Right to repair electronics and other devices.
  • Taxing the purchase of internet devices to provide “digital equity.”
  • Banning employers from holding employee meetings.

WR’s government affairs team will review and take appropriate action on all bills introduced for consideration by the legislature.  The Policy and Government Affairs Committee will meet weekly during session to discuss all retail-related legislation.  If you are a WR member and would like to join our calls, please contact Sr. VP of Policy and Government Affairs Mark Johnson directly: [email protected]  360-704-0048


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