2022 Legislative session is underway

Jan 13, 2022
Written by WR Communications

Today is day four of the Legislature’s current 60-day session. Washington Retail is reviewing a growing list of retail-related bills being introduced during the largely remote session.

Here are highlights of some of the top bills on WR’s radar:

HB 1614 and SB 5533, addressing online marketplace consumer product theft and safety. WR supports this high-priority legislation. Mark Johnson provided testimony on HB 1614.

HB 1732 and HB 1733, concerning the Long-Term Care Act. WR supports both bills which would delay the implementation of the long-term services and supports trust program by 18 months and establish voluntary exemptions to the long-term services and supports trust program for certain populations.

SB 5697, The RENEW Act, concerning plastic packaging and purposed to renew Washington’s recycling system and reducing waste. WR has concerns about this bill and its timeline for implementation.

SB 5062 and HB 1850, Concerning the management, oversight, and use of consumer data,. WR supports 5062 but has concerns with 1850 which contains a private right of action.

SB 5649 and HB 1613, concerning the modification of the Washington state paid family and medical leave act, and shared reporting responsibilities for both the paid family and medical leave and the long-term services and supports trust programs to clarify that information collected from employer reports shall remain private. WR is currently neutral on our position but will monitor the bill for potential changes to the draft language.