Protecting the Environment

WR and its members want to protect and improve our environment for their customers, their employees and themselves. WR is supporting a bill to encourage more people to use automated car washes rather than washing their vehicles at their homes. Studies have shown that water runoff from car washing at home gets into streams, rivers, lakes and Puget Sound. This negatively impacts fish and other aquatic life – namely the orca whales that mainly feed on fish. Automated car washes filter and re-use most of the water to wash cars. The water then is sent through the treatment process for further cleaning – not into stormwater drains that are often not sent to the treatment facility. The bill that is being considered by the legislature would exempt automated car washes from the sales tax. This would allow car wash owners to keep their prices low and entice more people to use their service. Car wash owners invest a great deal of time and money educating the public about the benefits of going to a car wash.