Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML)

In 2022 the Employment Security Department (ESD) alerted the Legislature that the PFML trust fund would be in a deficit position by the end of 2022. The Legislature responded by appropriating about

$300 million to “backfill” the program and authorized actuarial studies and a task force to bring forward recommendations. Premium rates on taxable wages were 0.4% in 2021 and increased to 0.6% in 2022. In accordance with the actuarial study, premiums will increase to 0.8% in 2023 to regain solvency. The Legislature will have numerous proposals to reform benefit eligibility and levels in the 2023 session.

WR was part of the original negotiating team on behalf of the employer community. We will work to (1) maintain the division in premiums between employers and employees; (2) avoid adding new costs and benefits to the program. WR will meet with ESD, key legislators, and stakeholders to ensure the security of the program now and in the future.