Executive / Administrative / Professional Pay

Washington Labor & Industries is proposing new rules regarding overtime pay eligibility. They would phase in, over six years, an increase in the salary threshold for determining exempt employee status from the current level of $24,000 per year to $79,800 per year (2.5 times the minimum wage).

In other words, over a six-year period, the salary threshold will increase every year until it reaches $79,800 per year. This means any employee receiving that amount, or less, in compensation must be classified as a non-exempt hourly employee and eligible for overtime pay.

Washington Retail believes this proposal, if enacted, will harm employees wishing to obtain training to advance up the ranks to develop their retail jobs into fulfilling careers. Retailers prefer to promote from within their ranks. However, the increased payrolls that would result from these proposed wage rules would devastate options to train and promote existing employees and discourage advancement.

WR is working closely with its members to analyze L&I’s proposal and will testify at public hearings across the state this year regarding the harmful impact these proposals would have on training and advancement opportunities. We need the engagement of our members to attend these hearings to explain the harm this would do to them and their employees. For more information, contact WR contract lobbyist Bruce Beckett at 360-480-5258 or [email protected].